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Obstacle Courses

40ft Gladiator Obstacle Course

40ft Obstacle Course

Dimensions: 40Lx12Wx14H


4hr  -  $327.75

6hr  -  $348.75

8hr  -  $369.75

Overnight - $454.75

Weekend - $517.75


4hr  -  $397.75

6hr  -  $418.75

8hr  -  $439.75

Overnight - $524.75

Weekend - $587.75

*Direct access to the set-up location, gate 36 inches or larger, no stairs or drop-offs. 

*We do not set-up on dirt, sand, arenas or gravel. 


*This unit requires 1 blower fan to operate. The blower pulls 18-Amps per blower. We need access to a 110-Volt wall plug with a 20-Amp circuit or higher, no further than 100 feet from where we are setting the unit. We will be bring our own extension cords and we cannot run longer than 100 feet of cord due to voltage drop. Please have a plan before we arrive to set-up, we run a tight schedule.


What do we need to do to prepare the area for a Bounce House, Slide, Obstacle Course or Tent rental?

- Mow you grass a few days (to a week) before your rental date, not the day of. 

- Pick up trimmings, it's well worth it!

- Trim any low hanging branches. 

- Pick up any glass, nails or grass burrs that might be in the general area where you want your unit to go.

- Pick up any dog poop the day before and the morning of your delivery. Nothing worst than a stinky backyard! $20 fee if we have to clean up after your dog.

- If you don't really have grass, please let us know so we can bring an extra tarp to lay down. Your guest will appreciate it!

What if it's raining on the day of my party?

- Each reservation is treated on a case-by-case basis.

If it's raining we will not be able to set-up any inflatable units and you will not be charged. Please, have a plan-B just in case the weather turns sour. If it's sprinkling we can come out and set-up your inflatable depending on future weather patterns. Once we drop-off the unit we do not offer any discounts or refunds if it starts raining and you are unable to use the inflatable. Any damages to blower and or inflatable are a liability of the customer. No cancellation fees will be applied if cancelled.

What if it's to windy on the day of my party?

- Each reservation is treated on a case-by-case basis.

If the wind exceeds 20 mph it is not safe to set-up inflatable units. Each reservation is unique and will be evaluated by our team where a decision will be made. If you live in an area where you are well protected from the wind, we can usually proceed. If you live in an area that is not well protected from the wind, we might have to cancel your reservation all together. Wind is our number one nemesis so please take that into consideration when looking at the weather for your event. No cancellation fees will be applied if cancelled.


What if it is below freezing on the day of my party?

- Unfortunately, we do not operate inflatable units in freezing weather. No cancellation fees will be applied if cancelled


Can we set-up on concrete?

- Yes, but we need to know ahead of time so we can bring the proper equipment to secure the inflatable unit. We cannot set-up on concrete with high winds.

Can I use water on a dry unit?

- No water use of any kind on dry unit rentals. A $60 fee will be automatically charged to your credit card for any signs of water use on a dry rental.

Can we use silly string inside the bounce house?

- No, we do not allow silly string use in or around any inflatable unit. Silly string can cause permanent cosmetic damage if not cleaned immediately. Any use of silly string will result in a $60 cleaning fee and/or additional fees for any permanent cosmetic damages.

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